Apr 18, 1999
      Among the numerous other talents the trained monkeys of the MMCA we are very good with infinitudes of typewriters. Indeed, we have applied out probabalistic and violent techniques towards computer programming.
      Over the past couple of years we have been lucky to accidently write a number of code fragments which perform animation of the oldskool demo variety. On April 18th, Macalester College and WMCN radio hosted a 'techno dance party' in Macalester's now-demolished Student Union's ballroom. A wild party indeed, hosted by Mark Shriver (DJ Fiat Lux) with some rather good DJs, such as ESP Woody McBride.
      The Mad Monkey Construction Agency was asked to assist in the creation of a sufficiently festive atmosphere. To that end, we spend the afternoon hacking our code into a hideously complicated, hard to use, easy to crash, system, by which we could control, on the fly, the sequence and parameters for the effects. We lugged the MMCA computer down to the venue, plugged it into the projector, and blasted crazy dancing blobs, frantic squiggles, and other shapes which are best left unnamed, onto a projection screen above the DJ's head.
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