February 21, 1999
      On Februrary 21rd, 1999, the Mad Monkey Construction Agency again visited Balls and did their thing. The first few acts were folks playing the guitar, reading their poetry, or acting an excerpt from a play, and they did so while sitting on a handsome yellow sofa which was on the stage. When Leslie announced the Mad Monkey Construction Agency, the two monkeys, dressed in pale yellow clean suits ran up to the sofa with a duffle bag full of wonderous things.
      First they took out a power drill (with hex driver head), several wheels, and associated washers and lag-screws. Tossing aside items which were not deemed useful (a plunger and a rubber ducky) they began their task, and before long had a couch-on-wheels. At this point they ran backstage to retrieve a giant wooden (and surgical tubing) slingshot, and called two more monkeys out of the audience.
      John Moffatt, Goster Of Waffle was one of the monkeys called up, and he proceeded to lie down on the sofa, and don a crash helmet, while one of the already on-stage monkeys ran across the stage to lovingly place a nice soft mattress in front of the wall. (For at the MMCA, saftey may not be our highest concern, but it's likely to be one of the top 15). Then the three remaining monkeys (all dressed in matching yellow unisex jumpsuits) pulled the sofa back, and let 'er rip! Smack into the mattress. John was wearing no seatbelt, and was flung from the sofa onto the floor, from which we carried him off on the sofa, and cleared the set. Fin.
      The Illustrious Angus Reid was present with a videocassette recorder, so before too long, we should have QuickTime, AVI, and/or RealVideo footage available for your viewing pleasure.
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