Nov 19, 1999
      The Mad Monkey Construction Agency delights in the antics of Gabe and Tycho so when we read they were having a fan art contest we jumped at the chance to Prove that WE love them best!

      So we sat down and h4x0R3d up a little game, inspired by their own cast page. It took the two of us about 2 weeks of pretty much non-stop work (actually, we only did that after work, during the time we normally would waste sleeping) both writing code and stealing and forging artwork form their comics, but in the end, we won second place!

      Not long afterwards (in geological terms, that is), we got our prizes!

      Anyways, you can download this game now. You will need Microsoft Windows, and DirectX 7.0 or higher. You also need winzip and an empty directory.

Click >>>> here <<<< to give it a whirl.

      Also, if you want to make a PA Fighter engine based game it's really easy to modify the graphics and special moves and stuff, so feel free to poke around at all those data files, just drop us a line if you come up with anything cool.
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